Shilshole Development is a full-service real estate investment, development and construction company focused on urban infill opportunities in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2003, our firm specializes in value-add renovation and ground-up construction projects. We make strategic investments where we can enhance our community and generate superior investor returns.

Our mission:

  • Provide our customers with exemplary service and high-quality workmanship.

  • Enable our employees to grow by providing personal and professional development opportunities.

  • Use our resources and expertise to help people and improve the natural environment.

  • Maximize real estate value for our partners and investors.


We find opportunities to optimize each phase of the real estate development, construction and investment process.









Rwanda Rise

Shilshole Development has teamed-up with Rebuilding Rwanda and Public47 Architects to help design, fund and build a critical addition to the Hope Vocational Training Center in Kabuga, Rwanda. This school trains young uneducated Rwandans in the vocational skills of carpentry, welding, masonry, sewing, culinary, IT and hairdressing.

Shilshole Development's Team continuously strives to improve our communities - not just here in the great Northwest, but around the world.

In addition to our financial sponsorship of important causes, we send work teams throughout the world to personally engage. Our teams consist of Shilshole personnel as well as other "Friends of Shilshole" who share the common interest of improving our community and serving the world's poor.

We are always looking for new members to join our team. So, if you have interest in learning more about these organizations and/or joining our team, please contact us.

Clean Lake

The Mission: To raise awareness about local water quality - and use practical solutions to clean up Lake Union.

Clean Lake Union was founded by local developer, Mark Grey of Stephen C. Grey & Associates. His team has focused their efforts on filtering storm water outflows from the Aurora, Fremont, Ballard, University and Montlake bridges.

Shilshole Development is attempting to follow this lead by filtering one full acre of I-5 storm water runoff adjacent to our latest Fairview multifamily project.


The Mission: To see rural poor families ownagricultural land, attain economic self-sufficiency, realize their God-given potential, and pass onto future generations the values and resources that enable them to flourish.


Through Agros International, a Seattle-based nonprofit foundation, Shilshole has helped sponsor the 120-family village of Xeucalvitz in Guatemala and the 50-family village of Nuevas Esperanza in Nicaragua.



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